Where do you keep your phone while its charging? Funny question, right! Well, to think of it is NOT always kept on the side table, rather on the ironing table or mostly hanging loosely ready to fall from the far away surface. If not the phone then the charger usually comes out from the socket and adds to your dismay once you see the phone really hasn’t charged.

Here’s a cool hack to make a phone charging holder where you can drop your phone and lead into while its charging up.


  1. Get an empty plastic bottle.(The one which isn’t too big as compared to the phone). Also, the more flattened one works the best, as it keeps the bottle closer to the wall. Rinse it out and make sure the inside is clean and dry.
  2. Using a Marker,  draw a straight line about half way across the front of the bottle horizontally and then draw a arch type shape.
  3. Now cut the lines with the help of a cardboard cutter and cut out a hole through the back part, from where the charger plug will pop out.
  4. It is ready to use.Charging-Cell-Phone-Holder-from-a-plastic-bottle-2
  5. To style it, you can put Mod Podge (available at Amazon.in) or Heritage mod podge from hobby ideas on the entire surface.Cover the surface with the cloth and cut along the lines. You can even use a Washi tape to make it more fancy.

via makeit-loveit.com

What better way to use the empty plastic bottles!!