I have always been a renter for one reason or the other and I am not gonna lie, sometimes you see these amazing projects people do at their house and get jealous. They are so many ideas that you would love to incorporate in your own pad, but simply cannot because hey who is going to ask the landlord and call for trouble or why to risk that hefty security charge that you have paid in advance.

As most of people are renters in today’s age and with lack of ideas (fast and economical) for Indian homes. I thought here’s the time to suggest couple of ideas that are suitable for flats & apartments that we usually have at our disposal and not look weird.

Fabric Panel Wall Feature



get tutorial via sarahmdorseydesigns.

Couple of things to note:

  1. Select the print as per the size and color of your wall/room. You can even use a solid color fabric if you intend to cover the entire wall to make a beautiful contrast.
  2. Make sure the print goes well with the furniture of your room.
  3. Buy a fabric directly from a cloth house, if you are not into photoshop and printing your own designs.
  4. Buy cotton canvas duck cloth as per the measurement of the fabric -available on Amazon.in as well.
  5. You can avoid the wood mold and use a foam board (Available on Amazon.in) instead.  Make a small key hole at at the edges and maybe one in the center of every side (depending on how big your panel is).
  6. Fix the panel with small size nails on the wall.

Have I tried this? Well, I am off too….

More articles on rental decoration coming soon.