Storage is always at a premium, especially if you have a small bathroom. With so many cosmetics, products and towels to store it is no surprise that sometimes our bathrooms look like a tip. Fortunately, there are so many ways to maximize the space that you already have.

1. Wall shelves from Shoe Box

Instead of cluttering up your bathroom sink with beauty products, hang these shoe box turned shelves on the wall to organize makeup and small toiletries.

DIY-Project-Wall-Shelf-Decor-Shoebox-How-To-Tutorial                                                                                           source

2. Jute baskets from Tissue Box

You can use this amazing trick to use the space above the toilet and make it visually appealing.



3.Mason Jar organizer

This works well as a handy organizer for toothbrushes, makeup brushes etc. Even though it requires of stuff to be bought beforehand, the end result will not disappoint you.



4. Hanging Baskets

You maybe having an old utensil washing/storage basket which you no longer want to use. Instead of keep in the store room, here’s a simple way to put the same to use and be delighted later on.



5. Pocket Organizer

They are majorly used for shoe storage but are of great use to organize and arrange toiletries, make up tools, hair dresser etc at the back of the bathroom door. The one shown below is readily available in all sizes at