I have an organizing bug and sometimes the bug is energized and all hell breaks loose. Husband settles himself in one corner and start throwing hints of OCD. I am sure many of us have the same story. But tell me, what happens when you had a perfect kitchen and then you are shifting to a bigger house for whatever reason but the kitchen is not the same. The bug looses it cool. So now you have a lot of stuff which is not finding the place for itself in the KitchenLand.

People who have their own pad, some of the hacks can be added to your perfect modular kitchen to make it more user friendly.

Pan Lid Organizer

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All you have to do is buy adhesive hooks from the local store or from and you are good to go.

Cabinet Racks

Buy these kitchen storage racks of different shapes and sizes from and it will be easy to shut your cabinet door again.

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Foil Paper Storage

Foil Paper, Plastic Wrap are major essentials, which consume alot of space no matter where you keep them. Here is an extremely simple, convenient and inexpensive solution.



What do you have to do? Buy the adhesive hooks again and paste them anywhere, be it on cabinet doors, at the back of the kitchen door or on the tiles. It will work fabulously.

Use Cereal Boxes

A more aesthetically pleasing solution for your foil paper and rolls is a cereal box. All you have to do is cut it in your preferred shape. Attach some contact paper and you are good to go. By the way, it can be used a major hack for all the Tupperware lids that keep on missing. You can attach the cardboard box anywhere (inside or outside).


Oh! also, for your Tupperware, you can also use your cooling rack as well.

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Use Glass Jars

Use a nail, magnet or Superglue and attach the metal lids of the glass jars underneath a shelf to store spices and what not. I call it smart utilization of space.



In-drawer Spice Organizer

No-matter how many times we organize the spice drawer, it always becomes messy in no time. If you have free cartons in your house, which are of no use, cut them from the edges in the triangle shape and set them in your kitchen drawer. And you can easily stack the spices.

P.S- Make sure the length of the cardboard is a little extra so that it fits tightly.


Happy organizing!!