We do keep on buying different jars and vases all year long. Here are some easy and quick hacks to put them to use again and again.

1. Painted Vases


These are perfect for indoors as well as outdoors.The key here is to use jars/vases of different shape and size and to color them in different shades of one color. You can paint them with acrylic paint from inside or outside as per your convenience, the only difference is that if painted from outside, it doesn’t last so long. If painted from inside, then you cannot put water inside as acrylic paints are water based.

2.Tissue Holder


Cut the jar lid from the center and replace it with a colorful scrapbook paper. The size of the tissues is totally dependent on the size of the jar you are using. Fold them and place it in the jar with center tissue coming out. To decorate you can paint the jar from outside or use sparkle paint on the inside surface, put a lace and what not. This one makes a real nice, re-usable tissue holder.

3.Blender Jar


This one caught my eye immediately, the only hitch is that your old blender jar should be having a detachable blade. If that’s there, then select the jar which is of the same size and you are all set for a never ending supply of blender jar.

4. S’mores in a Jar


Yes, I know there are many recipes one can make with mason jars, however I am sharing the easiest and the yummiest. 30 seconds is all it needs to cook. Recipe in the source link.

5. Cake in a Jar


Who doesn’t like a quick way to have a cake? Make them, refrigerate them or gift them. You are going to keep making them over and over. Recipe in the source link.

6. Dispenser


I for one do not like the the shape of the ketchup bottle, reason being, many a-times it has slipped from my hands and then there was too much cleaning involved which as you must have guessed,took away the important time of eating something delicious. So, I usually buy the refill pack. This is the most easiest, user friendly, pretty looking, organized way to present all different types of sauces at one go. These can be used as soap dispensers as well.

7. Salt & Pepper Shaker


A simple, yet smart hack to keep your salt and pepper. Paint only on the outside surface, keeping the lid area and inside, paint free. Use the alphabet stickers readily available on stationary shop or on Amazon.in for easy distinction.  Stick the scrapbook paper on the outside of the lid using mod podge or super glue.Punch some holes and you are done.

8. Memory Jars


You just need  a black and white photo, place it  inside, on one side of the jar, add some dried flowers or branches on the opposite side and fill the jar with olive oil. It will look amazing with or without an artificial light source. A beautiful way to display a memory.

9.Bug Blocker


Fill any glass jar with citrus rinds and herbs. Add 20 to 30 drops of any essential oil of your preference. Top with hot water to help develop the scent. Float a candle at the top of the jar and light. Sit back and enjoy a bug-free night.

10. Yarn Wrapped Candle Jars


Grab some jars/vases of different shape and size. Wrap some yarn around the body of the jar in as many different ways as possible and spray paint the surface.  Once the paint dries, remove the yarn and place some candles inside. Lovely for outdoor or indoor decoration.

11. Jar Planters


To have an unlimited supply of mint,thyme, basil, tomatoes etc, this is a very convenient, space friendly solution. Use some big size jars/ plastic bottle. Fill in with some stones, couple of inches of dirt and place the plant inside. Hang the jar or place on the surface, this hack is going to make your outdoors more green.

12. Terrarium


Small stones, potting soil, activated charcoal is all you need to make a terrarium. You can beautify it buy adding some small ornaments of different colors.  Open terrariums are better suited to dry plants such as succulents which require indirect to moderate sunlight and very less water.