Living in a row house or apartment, you may not (unless lucky) have the leverage to have a big outdoor space for yourself wherein you have a patio, garden, a mini fountain or for that matter a decent lawn to pull up some chairs n sit for an evening tea.

I cannot provide a solution for that however, with small efforts we can utilize whatever space we have to make it more green, useful and attractive. It all depends upon how much of luxury you have when it comes to space.

Hanging Garden

Grab all the available plastic bottles that you were throwing off, cut them horizontally, vertically on the basis of the dimensions of the wall and how you want them to be displayed. You can hang them or just pin them to the wall. But these, can make a dull wall look beautiful and also can make the all year supply of herbs easy. Refer to the source link for more details.


DIY Planters

Are you bored of seeing the same terracotta pots at every nook and corner. Well, you can start of with some change at your own place. All you need is some lukewarm water and nail polish. Yes, you read it right. The key here is to let the color spread in the water by moving the bucket. And to get the below effect, do not shy away from using the entire bottle. Dip the pots in the bucket and keep moving them side ways. I am sure, the result will bring a smile.



Self Watering Pots

It is the most simplest of hacks to get the necessary supply of herbs for your kitchen and not rush every morning, evening to water them. You can plant your basil, thyme, coriander, mint and tomatoes and keep them at the windowsill and watch them grow. No precautions needed. Just remember to keep checking the water level once in a while. Refer to the source link for details.


Bird Bath

For the lucky one’s with a big, green backyard, you can use your terracotta pots and old CDs to make a beautiful bird bath. Or make a smaller version for the same and use at the corner of the entrance of the house as well. Place the pots as shown in the source link. Lay the bottom plate on top and stick the pieces of old CDs with hot glue/fevicol. Let it dry for sometime and meanwhile you paint the rest of the surface. Once the glue is dry, paste a layer of white cement and cover the entire top surface. Once dry, you can clean the CD surface with the wet cloth and admire the vibrant colors.

recycled-diy-old-cd-crafts-1-3source meandmydiy.

Tyre Ottoman

This is pure genius (atleast for me), we do not even remember what we did to our old tyres. Even though these days they do not get replaced so fast, still if you are buying a second hand car and is in need to change the same, here’s how to put them to use. Attach a ply on the top or cover the same with jute with the use of hot glue . For the glue to work the best, clean the tyre properly and let it dry for longer period.


Crate Stools

These work best for small portico where one really is in a dire need of space. Get these crates from your local vegetable/milk shop. Pin some pieces of ply at the bottom and add cushions on top to make it comfortable. Do remember to scrub the edges of ply with some sand paper.


Make your Own Accent Table

Terracotta pots are easily available. Instead of just using them to plant some flowers or herbs, there is a more fun and a clever use to it. You can paint it in solids and secure the bottom piece with some hot glue or fevicol. If you want to add more height to it, just fix a smaller size pot on top of the other  and make your own accent table to beautify your porch or indoors.


Hang String Lights

String lights are an easy, affordable way to turn your porch into an enchanting oasis. Let them drape from the ceiling or a railing, or hang them from a wall.


Make your Own Chandelier

The weather these days, call for these beautiful chandeliers. Enjoy the rains, with some coffee on the beautiful porch. If not, hang them in your perfect corner and they will still look beautiful. Check the source for details.

1457646823-2013-05-19-002-373x590allthingsheartandhome. source



P.S- Even though I would love to have a mini water garden at my place, apparently it is not so easy to build one. But that is on my To Do list. I will surely find an easy way to make one and share soon.