All the wine enthusiasts,  you know how many leftover corks you can accumulate over any time period, so now is the time to put them to use.


Wine corks are easy to cut, naturally waterproof with a beautiful rustic look. Use “No More Nails” heavy duty adhesive from to stick the corks together and they are not going to move anywhere from that table top.


Tile Placement

Cut the corks horizontally  with a utility knife, place them on a cardboard in a required pattern and start attaching them together with  “No More Nails” heavy duty adhesive.


Kitchen Backsplash

You have to call all the wine lovers you know to send their collection of corks to you, to make this one. Stick the corks to the ply and spray with sealant once you pin the ply on the kitchen wall. For more details refer to the source  link.



Great way to display holiday cards, pictures, notes, keys and what not. The key here is to layout the corks in a beautiful pattern beforehand and start gluing later. You can paste them horizontally or vertically or cut them in half and paste together.


Bath Mat/Kitchen Mat

Buy a shelf liner from, attach the corks on the top surface and you will get a brand new slip proof bath mat .Or get an old kitchen mat and re-do it for your dining table.


Cork Vase

Take any square or rectangle shape glass vessel and start attaching corks on the surface. This one makes for an easy gifting option.



P.S– For all the Non-Wine people, who really want to try these, take yourself to a place where they serve wine religiously and ask for some help!