Instead of splurging a fortune on an art installation, it is time you got a bit more hands on with things and flaunt the creative you.

Modern Wall Art

All you need is a blank canvas, some masking  tape and plenty of acrylic color. Your creativity is the limit with this one as you play with geometry and different design possibilities.


Wall Art from Plates

The key here is to practice the pattern that you wish to follow on a piece of paper placed on the floor, which will act as a guideline for your decorative endeavor. After deciding on a suitable arrangement, you can go ahead and hang the plates accordingly. Buy the wall plate hangers from


Fabric Panels Wall Art

Use foam board, mod podge, super glue and some picture hangers. Cut the fabric pieces, fold them as per the different sizes of the foam and paste using super glue ,for easy change of fabric use a scotch tape instead. Cover them with mod podge for protection and hang them on the wall using the hangers.


Wall Art from Shoe Box

All you need is Shoe box lids (Papa sized, Mama sized, and Baby sized), Acrylic Paint, Stencils, Sponge brushes. If you do not want to go the color way, try attaching fabric to the shoe boxes and it will solve the same purpose as above.


Photo Wall Clock

Design the pattern using the different size, shape of photographs you are going to use. Dismantle an old clock and keep the center parts as is. Hang them up!


Post Card wall art

Get all your postcards together or buy one hundred book covers from Penguin and attach them to the foam board you can either frame it or hand as is.