When living in a rented space, sometimes you want to change the surroundings but cannot really get your walls colored. Even though vinyl wallpapers are new thing, a more convenient , cost effective way to decorate your walls is by using cotton fabric.

Fabric Wallpaper is a renter’s best friend. It is cheap, easy to put on and take off and can be re-used in so many other things.

Supplies: cotton fabric, liquid starch, measuring tape, drawing pins, paint roller + cover, small paint brush, scissors, utility knife


1. Measure the space you’ll be covering in cotton. Trace these dimensions onto the fabric  then cut your cotton slightly bigger — you’ll want some extra fabric on all edges.

2. Carefully hang the cotton to the top of the wall using drawing pins.

3. Pour the liquid starch into your paint tray and evenly coat the paint roller.

4. Lift up the cotton fabric, then coat the entire wall in liquid starch.

5. Carefully smooth down the fabric over the starch from top down, being sure to eliminate all bubbles and wrinkles as you go.

6. Apply a heavy coat of liquid starch to the top of the fabric using the paint roller. Make sure to fully saturate the cotton.

7. Seal the edges and hard-to-reach places with a paint brush. Then let the entire wall dry.

8. Once the wall is completely dry, carefully trim the edges with a sharp utility knife.