We often have lot of glass bottles with little or no use. A little bit of touch up to these bottles and they can be used as great home decor pieces. You can also gift them to your friends!

Before starting, make sure to clean the inside and outside of the bottles really well with warm soapy water.  Also, you will need to remove the sticker residue.

Bottle #1 – Chalky Paint

Chalky paint is really easy to use and is a forgiving paint.  Apply several layers of the white chalky paint with a foam brush.  The paint dries pretty quickly, which makes this process go faster since you need to wait for the paint to dry before applying another coat.  Once you are satisfied with the layers of paint, take a piece of coarse sandpaper and go across the paint at random places to give it a distressed look.

Recycling Glass Bottles 2

Bottle #2 – Wrapped Twine

The look of natural jute twine is classic.  For the second bottle apply Mod Podge to the glass using a foam brush.  Then, simply wrap the twine around the bottle making sure not to leave any gaps in between the pieces.  You may have to keep applying the adhesive because it tends to dry quickly.

Recycling Glass Bottles 3

Bottle #3 – Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is really trendy and has been for a while.  Just like the chalky paint bottle, apply several layers of the chalkboard paint to the bottle using a foam brush, making sure to let dry completely between applications.

Recycling Glass Bottles 4

All three of these bottles are neutral in color and can be embellished in lots of different ways.

Recycling Glass Bottles 5

To tie the look of all three bottles together, add some round chalk stickers and a tag.  You can find them here.  These recycled bottles can be used in home decor, craft rooms and more.