Ever been to those swanky hotels with beautiful bathrooms, towels rolled up in an cute jute-basket and wondering where do they get this kind of stuff? I have, and now I have found an amazing way to make one myself.

The super cure looking basket above was a simple tissue paper box before it was upcycled to give this amazing look! All you need is a tissue paper box (even a shoe box will do), some jute thread, canvas drop cloth, scissors, needle, thread and glue and you are good to go.

Cut the tissue box, top at diagonals, remove the plastic, and glue the flaps down.Upcycle Kleenex Box 1

Then spread the glue on the box, and start wrapping and gluing the jute from the bottom of the box. To finish the top edge, cut the jute at an angle and glue it down.Upcycle Kleenex Box 2

Voila! Here’s the box wrapped in jute.Upcycle Kleenex Box 3

To give it a finished look we need to make a liner. A piece of a canvas drop cloth will do the  trick.

Upcycle Kleenex Box 4

Pull the canvas over the edges of the box to decide on the length and width, and cut a rectangle to the appropriate dimensions. Center the box on the canvas and cut squares out of each corner (bottom left photo below). Then flip the box over, lay the cut canvas over the box, pin the edges together as shown bottom right, and sew it all together.

Upcycle Kleenex Box 5

However, the bottom is still a little too flimsy, so cover it with jute too.

Upcycle Kleenex Box 9

So that’s a perfect storage for hand towels. You can use it for any other purpose too!

Upcycle Kleenex Box 8