If you happen to be a recycling maniac and have a collection of newspapers to upcycle, we’ve got a perfect project for you today (especially if you’re into decorating). It takes some time to make it, but considering the low cost and the final effect, it’s worth the effort.

What you need: Wire rod, rubber band, large sewing needle, brush, cutting plier, locking plier, sheets of newspaper, glue, thick thread, acrylic paint

Step 1: First you need to make paper tubes – to do so, you need to cut the newspaper in 44/56 cm strips.


Step 2: Starting at the tip of the strip, wrap the newspaper around a barbecue stick. Before the final wrap, dab glue on the corner of the paper. Gently remove the stick from the inside. Following the same procedure prepare the rest of the tubes. Let them dry for 15 minutes.


Step 3: Now paint the tubes with colors of your choice. Let them dry for about 30 minutes.


Step 4: Put the glue on the end of the paper tube and wrap it forming a snail. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Use a rubber band to keep “the snail” in shape.


Step 5: Apply another layer of glue around “the snail” and stick next tube in another color to it. You can choose different colors and sizes to get a truly amazing visual effect.


Step 6: Using thread and a needle, attach paper “snails” to each other to form the decoration. If you use the wire, cut it with cutting pliers and seal it with locking pliers.


Get creative and experiment with different thicknesses and colors of the tubes – it would be great to see how far you can go with your ideas!