This is a brilliant idea to light up your living space in a subtle and creative way. And guess what? It is really really easy to create it yourself!

You need mounted canvas (about 10″x10″), cardstock to fit on your canvas (say 12″x12″), X-acto knife and light source (LEDs on a string would do) to create this masterpiece.

Randomly draw various flowers across the cardstock. You can choose any color; for this piece let us go with gray ink on the brown paper to give it a subtle look during the daylight hours.


How you cut the flowers is entirely up to your artistic eye! The main thing you want to take care of is not completely cut the flower off of the paper. Take your time. Look at each flower individually and see what flows.
You can cut some flowers very literally if they looked stamped. You can make different patterns with the petals. If you are making a butterfly, you can completely cut out the thin swirls on its wings to let the light shine through.
After you’re done cutting , from the back of your paper, gently push the paper out so that it “pops” from the front. Be gentle.
Time for the lights!
Take a scrap piece of cardboard and trim it down to fit the back of the canvas. Use a double sided tape to adhere the cardboard to the canvas board.
Tuck the LED lights between the canvas and the cardboard. Be sure to spread the lights out so all of your light is not concentrated in one area. The cord from the lights should easily fit between the canvas and cardboard backing.
To make the canvas look “framed”, you can paint the sides of the canvas.
Finally, trim the cardstock down to size of the canvas board and attach it to the canvas and you are done!!