Make a Tote Bag from a T-shirt..

Make a Tote Bag from a T-shirt 8

Go Green…Stop using plastic carry bags; use your old T-shirts to make stylish Tote bags to carry your groceries and stuff from your local stores. It is really easy and I could make it in under half an hour with my toddler playing right beside me. Read More


Recycling Glass Bottles

We often have lot of glass bottles with little or no use. A little bit of touch up to these bottles and they can be used as great home decor pieces. You can also gift them to your friends! Read More

Rental Apartment Must Do

When living in a rented space, sometimes you want to change the surroundings but cannot really get your walls colored. Even though vinyl wallpapers are new thing, a more convenient , cost effective way to decorate your walls is by using cotton fabric. Read More

Decorating your Furniture

I know it’s easier to buy  a new piece of furniture, however, there’s no need to settle for anything ordinary.If you have old piece of furniture lying in your apartment , you can bring it to life by decoupaging it, a technique by which you can cover any surface with a paper. Read More

Solving the Earphone Tangle

After yet another frustrating attempt to quickly untangle the earbuds, I realized it was time to take another look at solutions to get the cords sorted. Of course there are a wide variety of options available, from inexpensive DIYsolutions to cute and colorful retail selections, however, here is the most simplest of the solutions I have found for my pair. Read More

Have you tried Ice-Dyeing?

Cold water dyeing is the most easy way to dye your fabric. It creates beautiful patterns and you can add some color to your space. From t-shirts, dresses , wraps , table linen and pillow covers, you can create your own set and gift it to your dear ones.

Continue reading “Have you tried Ice-Dyeing?”

Scrapbooking can be defined as preserving memories by arranging photos, page title, journaling and embellishments in an attractive layout, which is then put into a scrapbook album for the family and loved ones’ enjoyment.

Remember how you used to have fun making a scrapbook as a kid where you simply pasted photos on colored papers, stuck on your mementos and scribbled some wordings on? That’s scrapbooking in its early years.

Scrapbooking has evolved so much so that there’s a whole scrapbooking industry just to cater to scrapbookers. Now there’s tons of acid-free papers, acid-free adhesives, acid-free embellishments, and many scrapbooking supplies for you to choose from. Read More



Brilliant ways to Decorate your Walls

Instead of splurging a fortune on an art installation, it is time you got a bit more hands on with things and flaunt the creative you. Continue Reading

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