If your weekend has already started and thanks to the rains, you do not want to go out and want to plan an evening out for yourself or friends/family Here are some of the things to cheer you up in the gloomy weather.

Ice Buckets

Cut the 2 litre plastic bottles in half,place the liquor bottles inside and add water. Start adding different fruits, flowers, herbs etc and pack it as much as you can. Let it freeze overnight and then cut the plastic bottles just before you want to serve and your ice buckets are ready. Place it on top of a plate to protect from drips.


Fire Pit

Get a cement oval shaped pot,place gel fuel inside, place a grill grate in the pot and cover it with stones.  Light it up!!


Mosquito Repelling Torch

This one does require a visit to a local hardware store, but is going to give you enough motivation to have your perfect glass of wine outdoors. You need an old wine bottle, some copper couplings, teflon tape, torch fuel, and wick. To a perfect mosquito free evening.